5 Options to Consider If You're Looking for the Safety Door Handle

Door handles don't just have to be decorative. They can also help to keep your home safe. To ensure your home is as safe as possible, you may want to look for some of the following features in door handle designs.

1. Biometric Lock

You can get door handles that have locks built into them, but keys are just one of the options. If you want to ensure that no one can unlock the door besides you, you may want to choose a biometric lock.

With this you just put your finger on a small panel right above the door handle. Once the system realises it's you, the door automatically opens.

2. Smartphone Connected Handle

You can also get a door handle with a digital lock that connects to your smart phone. This is especially helpful if you frequently forget to lock your door and you want to be able to lock it remotely. You can also set up these door handle locks to alert you if someone comes in the door. With features like that, these handles work almost like a mini security system.

3. Double Cylinder Lock

When choosing a door handle with a lock, you are typically going to see a lot of single cylinder locks and a lower number of double cylinders. To make your home as safe as possible, you may want to opt for a double cylinder.

They tend to be more expensive, and they are not as convenient to use. With a single cylinder, you just turn a knob to lock the handle from the inside, but with a double cylinder, you have to lock the door with a key, whether you are inside or out.

However, in exchange for this small inconvenience, you can rest assured that a thief won't be able to break a small window, reach inside and unlock the door. It's impossible to unlock without a key.

4. Hidden Hardware

Regardless of the type of locking mechanism you choose, make sure that the door handles doesn't have any exposed hardware. You don't want a thief to approach the home and remove the door handle to gain entry.

5.  Decorative Door Handle

Rather than worrying about the type of lock your door handle has, you may want to opt for a decorative door handle. Then, add a deadbolt to the door. You may also want to add a chain link or another option that can only be engaged from the outside.