Does a New Build House Need a Pre-Purchase Inspection Report?

If you're buying a new-build home, then you might think that you don't need to check the property over before you buy it. While a pre-purchase inspection report is useful for older homes, you aren't sure if you need one for a property that has just been constructed.

However, it's good idea to have the property inspected before you buy it. This could save you a lot of stress and money later. What are the benefits of having a pre-inspection report done on your new home?

Identify Problems

No matter how professional and skilled your home builder is, they can make mistakes when they build new homes. You may not be able to identify these mistakes before you move in; however, an inspector can.

If the home has a problem, then a report will highlight this. You can then talk to the builder and ask them to put things right before you commit to the purchase.

Spot Gaps

As new-build homes get to the end of the construction process, there may be some jobs that aren't completed before you buy the property. For example, the builder may not have tiled a bathroom yet, or they may not have finished laying the kitchen floor.

A pre-purchase inspection report helps you identify work that is incomplete or that hasn't been started yet. Again, you can talk to the building company about any issues that come up in the report to make sure that they are sorted out before you buy the house.

More Negotiating Power

Even though your builder commits to doing a set range of work on the property or to fixing any problems at the end of the project, it can be hard to get this sorted after you've made your purchase. Your builder may have moved on to another job and may not sort out your problems as quickly as you'd like.

If your pre-inspection report gives you a list of problems before you buy, then you have more negotiating power. The building company won't want to hold up the sale, and they are more likely to move quickly at this stage.

Get Your Dream Home From Day One

If you can use the report to get your house completed to specification without any problems, then you can simply move into your new home and enjoy it. You don't need to worry about uncompleted work or repairs that need to be done.

To learn more about the advantages of having a pre-inspection report done on your new home, talk to local inspection consultants.